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Chaltén Freeride

by Mountaineering Patagonia — since 1998 guiding in El Chaltén

Classic Programs


New Program! 6 days

Backcountry Ski Touring in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina

The scenery skiing in the Catedral and Lake District is amazing! Refugio Frey is know as one of the best mountain huts for ski touring and freeriding, with many possibilities all around!.

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New Program! 8 days

Backcountry Ski Touring in The Chilean Volcanoes

The scenery skiing in the Chilean Volcanoes it´s unique! Combining Mountains Ascents, backcountry skiing and hot springs in the evenings, i´ts a trip hard to beat! It´s a challenging mountaineering adventure, to some of the highest Volcanoes in the North of Patagonia area: Lonquimay, Llaima, Villarrica, Osorno & Casablanca. The trip will be customized according to the group level, weather and snow conditions. Your Mountain Guide UIAGM-IFMGA will offer you the best alternatives available.

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Program 1 Full Day 8 hs

Ski Loma del Diablo

The advantage of skiing in the Valley Mosquito is that being a valley, allows a range of options for the declines, with different orientations, depending on the weather and snow conditions. We can choose between climbing the main summit (1800m) or the “Mosquito” summit. From either summit you can have great views of Fitz Roy in a clear day!.

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Program 2 Full Day 12 hs

Ski Cerro Madsen

The views of Fitz Roy and Piedras Blancas Glacier are very impressive at the top! After a break and some photos, we´ll descent skiing , sometimes all the way down to the camp, then hike back to El Pilar and drive to El Chaltén. The activity takes about 12 hours, with a total elevation gain around 1300 meters.

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Program 3 Full Day 12 hs

Ski Glaciar de los Tres

Then, we will either go around or across the lagoon (depending on the conditions), to continue up the glacier with the skis, until the saddle between “Punta Velluda” and “Cerro Madsen” (at approximately 1800 meters or 5905 feet a/s/l) . The view of the Fitz Roy is very impressive at the top!.

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Program 4 Full Day 12 hs

Ski Cerro Vespignani

It will take us about 6 to 7 hours to get to the summit. The views are worth it from the top! After a break, and depending on the snow conditions, we’ll have a few options for the ski descent. It will take us another two hours to get back to the car

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Program 5 2 Days

Ski Madsen and Glaciar de los Tres

After a good breakfast with a picturesque sunrise, we’ll return to “Laguna de los Tres”. From there, we’ll get across the frozen lagoon with the skis, in order to continue our way up the glacier until the saddle between “Punta Velluda” and “Cerro Madsen” (at approximately 1800m a/s/l). Another great panoramic viewpoint! We´ll take off the skis and ski down.

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Program 6 4-5 Days

Ski Cerro Gorra Blanca

Starting from the Marconi Glacier base, we climb up Piedra del Fraile to Paso Marconi, and stay overnight at Refugio Garcia Soto (Chile), situated at the Cerro Gorra Blanca base. On the next day, we make our ascent to the summit, where we can enjoy incredible views of the Cerro Fitz Roy, and Cerro Torre among others. We will start our return trip skiing down on the same route to the refuge. Spend the night, and on the next day continue skiing on our way down until Lago Marconi or until the end of snow!

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Program 7 7 Days

Ski One Week

The program is designed to make 2 or 3 daily departures and then output with with one or two camping nights. This flexibility allows to adaptig to the climatic conditions of the moment.

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