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Terms and Conditions

Chaltén Freeride

by Mountaineering Patagonia — since 1998 guiding in El Chaltén

Please read carefully the terms and conditions below before making your reservation. Next, please fill out the reservation form.


Terms and Conditions:


All our prices are expressed in American Dollars and are subject to modification. Reservations shall be confirmed upon payment of 20% of the trip’s total amount, provided such payment is made 60 days before the chosen activity begins. Such amount shall be deducted from the trip’s total amount. The full payment shall be made 30 days before starting the trip. If reservations are made within 30 days from the date the trip begins, the total amount of the trip shall be paid.


Methods of Payment

Payment shall be made by bank deposit, wire transfer or Credit Card.


Reservation Conditions

All mountain activities are highly riski. Therefore, all participants shall sign and submit the Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risk before starting the chosen activity.

Trips with fixed dates are intended for groups with a minimum number of participants. In the event such minimum number is not reached 15 days before starting the activity, Mountaineering Patagonia shall notify all customers to the respective domiciles they may have eventually informed. Such customers may opt between a 100% refund of the total amount paid or, in the event they still prefer to embark on the chosen trip, MP shall make a new quotation of such trip.

Should a customer abandon the expedition because of illness or any other reason, all additional expenses incurred due to such illness or any other reason shall be borne by the passenger.

MP has contemplated all insurance coverage both for passengers and the activities to be carried out, including civil liability insurance and personal accident insurance. However, MP highly recommends his guests to have their own travel assistance insurance.

Once you accept the conditions set herein and choose your tour, MP shall send you a list of all the equipment required. Please take into account that in the event such equipment is not complete, you will be unable to set off on the excursion. Therefore, we ask you to inform us what element you are missing so that we can make the necessary arrangements to have it available and rent it to you. Both passengers’ equipment and personal belongings shall be the passengers’ exclusive responsibility.

In this type of expeditions, it is necessary for the passengers to follow the trip leader’s instructions and recommendations. The trip leader shall modify or cancel the trip at his/her sole discretion should its continuity affect the safety of the group or of any of the participants. This shall not entitle passengers to claim any compensation whatsoever.

Accomplishing the objectives of the expedition is the pursued goal and shall not entail a contractual obligation for our company. MP shall not be liable for any delay or modification whatsoever with respect to the itinerary established because of illness, bad weather or any other circumstances clearly out of our control.

Cancellation/Refund Policies

If a passenger decides to cancel his/her reservation, the following refund system shall be applicable:

If the passenger cancels the reservation 60 days before the trip begins, the total amount paid shall be refunded.
If the passenger cancels the reservation within 59 and 30 days before the trip begins, the down payment shall not be refunded and he/she shall only be refunded 75% of the balance of the amount paid.
If the passenger cancels the reservation within 29 and 16 days before the trip begins, the down payment shall not be refunded and he/she shall only be refunded 50% of the balance of the amount paid.

If the passenger cancels the reservation within 15 days before the trip begins, there shall be no refund whatsoever.
Should Mountaineering Patagonia cancel an expedition, the total amount paid shall be refunded.



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